Get to Know an UDC Dancer – Adrian Ciobanu

You watch Uptown Dance Company performs on stage or see the dancers on Facebook or Instagram, but how well do you REALLY know our dancers?

Starting in November, we will feature an UDC dancer each month… Find out what they do when they are not dancing, who they look up to, words to live by, and what they are REALLY like…

First up, it’s our resident Romanian… Ladies and gentlemen, meet Uptown Dance Company Co-Director, Adrian Ciobanu!

You Name:
Florin Adrian Ciobanu

Where Are You From?

Any Nickname?

Five Words to Describe You:
Patient, Handy, Artistic, Sarcastic, intuitive
Editor’s note: Hard-working should really be one of those words!

Favorite Dance Style:
Classical Ballet

#1 Bucket List Item:
Have a quiet life (no drama)

Favorite Song / Your “Anthem”
“My Way” by Frank Sinatra

Proudest Moment / Most Memorable Moment: (On stage or in life)
Becoming an American citizen

Any Special Skill / Super Power? (Other than being an amazing dancer)
I have fun teaching ballet

Who Do You Look Up To? (In life or as an artist)
My Parents

A Fun Fact About You:
Born and raised in Transylvania

Favorite Houston Hangout:
Petrol station

What Do You Do When You’re Not Dancing?
Ride my bike


Photo: Bill Klemm

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