Get to Know an UDC Dancer – Edward DeShane

You’ve watched Uptown Dance Company performs on stage, and you’ve seen the dancers on Facebook or Instagram, but how well do you REALLY know our dancers?

For December, meet one of the newest members of UDC family, Edward DeShane. After showing off his contemporary moves back in Dance Infusion 2016, you will see Edward on stage this month dancing as the Nutcracker Prince and Snow King!

You Name:
Edward DeShane

Where Are You From?
Born in San Diego, CA

Any Nickname?
Eddie, Ed

Words to Live By / Favorite Quote:
“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Five Words to Describe You:
Genuine, Humble, Passionate, Hardworking, Caring

Favorite Dance Style:
Contemporary Modern

#1 Bucket List Item:
Visit Europe

Favorite Song / Your “Anthem”
“Thunderstruck” by 2CELLOS

Proudest Moment / Most Memorable Moment: (On stage or in life)
Graduating College

Any Special Skill / Super Power? (Other than being an amazing dancer)
I can play tennis with my left or right hand.

Who Do You Look Up To? (In life or as an artist)
Any passionate artist i.e. Fabrice Calmels

A Fun Fact About You:
I can bake amazing desserts

Favorite Houston Hangout:
Somewhere in nature

What Do You Do When You’re Not Dancing?
Cross-training, cooking, reading


Photo: Bill Klemm

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