Get to an UDC Dancer – Katie (Trevino) Lammers

You’ve watched Uptown Dance Company performs on stage, and you’ve seen the dancers on Facebook or Instagram, but how well do you REALLY know our dancers?

Last but not least, meet Katie Lammers. Katie started her first season at Uptown Dance as Katie Trevino 4 years ago, and boy how things have changed!  She is now a happy newlywed and a new mom to an adorable puppy!  Katie will perform in the last show of the 2016-17 season, Creative Minds at Uptown – An Evening of Japanese-Inspired Ballet, Music and Voice.

You Name:
Katie Lammers

Where Are You From?
Born in Huntsville, AL. Grew up in southeast TX

Any Nickname?

Words to Live By / Favorite Quote:
“I am not confined anymore”

Five Words to Describe You:
Funny, loyal, friendly, hard worker, and reliable

Favorite Dance Style:

#1 Bucket List Item:
Swim with the sharks

Favorite Song / Your “Anthem”
“Bloom” by ODESZA

Proudest Moment / Most Memorable Moment: (On stage or in life)
December 21, 2015, Matt Lammers proposed to me in front of whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. The most wonderful and memorable moment of my life.

Any Special Skill / Super Power? (Other than being an amazing dancer)
I know sign language

Who Do You Look Up To? (In life or as an artist)
My mom (Jorja Trevino) she has always been there for me. She is the one person I can always go to when I have a problem. She is honest and that’s what I need.

A Fun Fact About You:
I am hard of hearing.

Favorite Houston Hangout:
No favorite hangout. Wherever my friends are that’s the place to be.

What Do You Do When You’re Not Dancing?
I relax as much as I can 😊 But recently I’ve been to the zoo, beach, and museums.
Photo: Bill Klemm

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